Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chama Continued and my New Best Friend

OMG!!! This is so fucking cute.

I love red pandas....

Anyway, I wanted to actually get the the Chama Barton Ranch photos. So here we go.

So it begins raining right as we approach the Chama city limits. The ranch lies somehwhere between the end of the city and the Colorado border. So, we are looking for a fence??? If we reach CO, we've gone too far. So we drive and look and drive and look and.....CO, he we are. Turn around and just as we have the rain begins to clear and Chris and Bryan are approaching the gate we somehow missed, oh yeah we missed it because it's brown rusted iron with a combination lock on it.

So the rain has cleared, but it's muddy and wet. It's cool though, and refreshing. I felt like I was in a water bottle. So, we decide to let the dirt, now mud, road dry up and run into town and get some groceries. When we get back, we go "froading" to get to the ranch. and doing so in my mom's brand new Suzuki hatchback thingy that's like 2 inches from the ground. How we didn;t tear that car apart, I still don't know. Anyway. here are some pics...we got there and Bryan suggested we go on a small hike, a small hike turned into a goddamn 2 hour journey through wet forest. Spotting some elk, some dead elk, and some serious bones!



Spotting the elk.




Our find and the mascot for the rest of the trip.


Guilt, wonder, amazement.


Aspens, they surrounded the ranch. They were also pretty easy to knock over once they were dead.


Ok, we'll start the next round with us getting back to the ranch and getting d-runk, which included a dance-off. I think Peter won, of course, dancing to Peter Gabriel.