Monday, June 15, 2009

Flickr is like crack, but way more fresher.

Okay, I've finally done it. I'm I have more to share than the next. Highly doubt it, but it's like a journal right??? So I'm flickr obsessed and have noticed some amazing photographers out there. One of my favorites it Elizabeth Weinberg from Brooklyn, she's super hot (I read) and very mysterious. You may recognize some of her photos like on the new Cat Power book by Elizabeth Goodman, "A Good Woman."

Here's Weinberg's original...

I've actaully found out about some bands through her photography, like Passion Pit:

and I don't know how many people follow "Look At This Fucking Hipster" but here again I ran across one of her greats

again, here's the original:

and now she just posted another one of my new favorites.....Chairlift. Anyway, check her out...

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