Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thinking in Colors and Lines

OMG!!!! Jim Lambie is on my mind all the time. The ultimate crush, a faceless one. So I saw some of his work, not yet in person, in a class last year and ever since Ive been crushin.

This is what started it all. The lines, so slim and sleek and confident.

and then

lines become blotches of heaven, thrown so barbicarically against the gallery white.

Then he leads on touches of the animalistic. The paint spatter reflects the natural processes...hmm.

His newest projects, of many, is his Flower/Painting photos. From Stevie Nicks to Bob Dylan, Lambie has reflowered everyone.

Stevie Nicks

John Lennon

Bob Dylan

I haven't finished stalking Jim Lambie, but he seems to be a busy man, so maybe he won't notice. Here's a link to his website to check out what else he's doing, including films, web design and photographs.

Jim Lambie

Wait, one more of my favorites.

So hawt.


  1. yeah when i saw that in class, i became quite a fan myself. i love it when he flowerizes dylan.

  2. you love lines. so sophisticated and structured just like you! smoochies

  3. I love the pic of Stevie Nicks. It's amazing.

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